About the Symposium

Perspectives is an annual one-day symposium hosted by Touchstone Institute in Toronto, Canada. Interdisciplinary and interactive, Perspectives on Professionalism will encourage communication and knowledge-sharing around the education, assessment, and impact of professionalism in regulated professions in Ontario.

Diverse in their expertise and practice, our speakers will explore aspects of professionalism including:

  • Transparency, reporting, and accountability
  • Teaching and learning professionalism
  • Leadership and interprofessional skills
  • Patient engagement and advocacy
  • Consequences of unprofessionalism

Perspectives Symposium combines research and theory with examples of practical applications. We aim to facilitate connections among disciplines to encourage communication and knowledge-sharing around topics in assessment and education for health professionals.

About Touchstone Institute

Touchstone Institute is a non-profit corporation that offers expertise in evaluation and curriculum development to support excellence in Canada’s health professions. Our services respond to the needs of regulators and health care industries to assess competency and support professional transitions, particularly for internationally educated health professionals

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