Taivi Lobu

Taivi Lobu, J.D. is Vice-Chair of the Health Professions and Health Services Appeal and Review Boards, hearing appeals under the Regulated Health Professions Act and a myriad of health services legislation. A lead for professional registration matters, she is a frequent speaker on regulatory issues, has worked with the Internationally Trained Lawyers Program, has served as a lecturer at Ryerson University, and contributes to the Law Practice Program. Taivi is on the Board of the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals and also chairs its Adjudicative Excellence Committee. As founding executive director of the Ontario Justice Education Network, Taivi developed a provincial network of the judiciary, legal community and government together with associations of teachers, schools, community groups, indigenous communities, and immigrants dedicated to furthering public understanding of the justice system. She has practiced law in legal clinics and in private practice, and served as executive director of Community Legal Education Ontario.